NCCAOM Certified
NYS License #3548
Certification by the Institute for Classical Asian Studies in Medical Qigong, Japanese Acupuncture, and Kyojung
Zhang Family Mount Qincheng Qigong
Niikura Qigong for cancer treatment

Professional Experience:
Private practice established in 2007
42nd Street Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Orthopedic and pain management
Yin & Tonic Acupuncture: Women’s health and fertility assistance
Chinese Medical Science Foundation: Acupuncture Fellow and Administrator at St. Vincent’s Hospital in departments of Rehabilitation, Geriatrics and Oncology

Other training:
Tian Long Gong Qigong training center in Sichuan, China
Private Clinic of Dr. Wang Ju-Yi in Beijing, China
Saint Vincent Comprehensive Cancer Center in NYC
Initiative for Women with Disabilities at NYU’s Hospital for Joint Diseases in NYC